Cobh Stories is a multimedia, audio/portrait and book project by Cork portrait & documentary photographer & filmmaker Damian Drohan

The project was commissioned by the Cork County Library and Arts Service and comprised a month long residency in Cobh Library, culminating in a book, and this multimedia website.

 The project was made possible by the help and support of Cork County Council’s Arts Officer, Ian McDonagh, Library Arts Officer, Sinead Donnelly

and also by the support of Richard Forrest, Librarian, Cobh Library and library staff Carmel Donnachie and Paula Courtney.



Portraits, by their nature, are mute and full of mystery. They can never really describe the inner character of the sitter, and at best can be said to show how someone looked under a particular set of circumstances. We the viewer, can make some basic assumptions, guided by our own world view about a a collection of portraits.
This project attempts, by the addition of sound, to contextualize the faces. In some cases, the resulting “soundportraits” reinforce our views and opinions, but in many cases, the audio turns our view upside down. It is this tension between the spoken word and the visual that excites me as an artist and photographer, and my hope is that the viewer of this work, whether on the printed page, or the project website, will find the combination stimulating and enriching. www.cobhstories.com